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0APRspotter.com - 0% APR credit cards, also known as 0% interest credit cards, and interest-free credit cards

401kspotter.com - 401k plans and 401k rollovers

annuityspotter.com - buy annuities, sell annuities and annuity payments

bankspotter.com - online banking

bondspotter.com - bond investment

cashspotter.com - cash advances

CDspotter.com - certificate of deposit (CD) and high-yield savings account

coinspotter.com - coin company, American eagle gold coins, custom challenge coins and more

commodityspotter.com - commodity trading and commodity investment

consolidationspotter.com - student debt consolidation and student loan consolidation programs (college loan consolidation )

creditspotter.com - credit card, credit report and credit score

currencyspotter.com - trading currencies, such as foreign currency trading and currency trading online

debtspotter.com - debt advice, debt counsellors and debt relief

equityspotter.com - home equity loans

FICOspotter.com - FICO score

financespotter.com - new finance, e.g., loan financing, home mortgage financing, home equity financing and bad credit home financing

foreclosurespotter.com - foreclosure help

forexspotter.com - global forex (foreign exchange), forex futures trading, forex demo account and more

fundspotter.com - mutual funds, no-load funds and more

FXspotter.com - FX trading (foreign exchange), specifically FX currency trading

futurespotter.com - online futures trading

HELOCspotter.com - home equity line of credit (HELOC)

highyieldspotter.com - high-yield investing, such as high-yield savings account and high-yield bond fund

IRAspotter.com - IRA accounts

loanspotter.com - home equity loans, secured loans and home mortgage refinancing

loopholespotter.com - tax loopholes

reportspotter.com - stock market reports

RothIRAspotter.com - Roth IRA accounts

Rothspotter.com - Roth 401(k) accounts

SEPIRAspotter.com - Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Accounts (SEP IRA accounts)

SEPspotter.com - Simplified Employee Pension accounts (SEP accounts)

systemsforliving.com - personal finance, personal budgeting, ways to save money (including grocery coupons), how to become debt free, debt-free living - and personal finance software to manage it all

taxspotter.com - tax help, including tax problems, tax assistance and business tax help

wealthspotter.com - private wealth management, wealth advisor and wealth manager

yenspotter.com - the Japanese yen, yen exchange rate, yen currency trading and more

zeroAPRspotter.com - zero APR credit cards


With the economy the way it is right now, all this information sure comes in handy.