webspotter.com's growing network of shopping websites includes information on the following:


amazonspotter.com - amazon.com information

awesomespotter.com - awesome stuff, such as awesome cars, awesome websites, awesome art and awesome design

bikinispotter.com - women's bikinis, including bikini bathing suits, bikini swimsuits, bikini swimwear, and bikini tops

crochetspotter.com - crochet patterns

giftspotter.com - corporate Christmas gifts and corporate holiday gifts, including gift baskets

jeanspotter.com - designer jeans

jeansspotter.com - plus-size jeans

luxuryspotter.com - luxury vacations, luxury holidays, luxury destinations, luxury hotels, luxury villas, luxury car rentals and more

ringspotter.com - engagement rings, wedding rings and anniversary rings

shirtspotter.com - golf shirts, polo shirts, men's dress shirts and more

Tshirtspotter.com - the tee-shirt, including funny t-shirts, humorous t-shirts, novelty t-shirts, vintage t-shirts and more


Sorry, we couldn't resist awesomespotter.com. We also have radspotter.com (see the Computers & Electronics page), but we actually managed to come up with a useful application for that one.