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Smart Cookie is a micro-press producing strange and compelling handmade books.

Rock ShowDig into Thorís Secret Soups + Salads for a selection of tasty vegan eats. These are the perfect recipes for everyone, whether youíre shy in the kitchen or you really know your stuff. If you crave deliciousness then this is the book for you. This food will taste great, fill you up and please vegans and non-vegans alike and thatís what you want, right?

Contact the lovely chef, Caitlin Livingston, on FB for a copy or send us an email.

Rock ShowDrawings and maps and stories about going to rock shows. Car trips to San Francisco and Lollapalooza. Hitting the road to see Blur in the 1990s. Not being a kid anymore but loving music and worrying about how to be cool. Or not giving a damn. And did I mention cool maps?

Two different covers, hand painted in silver. It is the new genre of literary mapping. Give Where is the Rock Show? a try if you like music, maps, silly crawings, stories. Order a copy or read more about it.

Illustration by Alan GriswoldThe stork has delivered a brand-spanking-new deluxe edition of deliciously odd stories from Portland's brilliant writer and performer Frayn Masters. Pants All Night is both surprising and compulsively readable. Her narrations shift easily from the realistic to the fantastical—a fetus is traded from womb to womb via cooler, a surly Guatemalan bullies her family and a dish sponge hooks a wife. Bite through a vision that is twisted, sublime and heart-warming all at the same time. Order a copy or read more about it.

Jessica Mitford drawn by Sam MacklinEnjoy the dark comedy of the The Mitford Diaries, fictional diaries from the most infamous family of the British aristrocracy. Jessica is a tough teenaged Communist. She dreams of running away to fight Fascists like her sisters Unity and Diana who hang around Berlin cafes trying to meet Hitler.

Draco malfoy by Kym ShankNumber One Fan delves into obsessions both popular and obscure. Margaret Sullivan examines rabid Jane Austen readers while Brian Joseph Davis discovers the zen mastery of Don Knotts. Read excerpts and the table of contents here. Only 110 copies were made and no two are alike.

Saugus to the Sea is a brilliant novel by author, musician and filmmaker Bill Brown. It's available as a very nifty-looking trade paperback. Bill's novel chronicles life in underground L.A. Amid the glitz of Tinseltown is a hidden world of critical mass bike rides, straight-edge punk gigs, guerrilla gardening, time traveling monkeys and desert towns where the Blessed Virgin Mary still puts in an appearance.
Saugus to the Sea
features illustrations by Stay As You Are creator, Brad Yung.

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