Art by Brad Yung

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Beyond the smog of L.A. is Saugus, a California everytown where Billy Brown's life is rapidly becoming the stuff of conspiracy theory. When Billy discovers a network of antique underground sprinklers in the town of California City he is plunged in a world where nothing is what it seems.

Soon Billy is investigating the missing Saugus to the Sea road, the shady goings-on at the Caltech Earthquake Hotline and a mysterious cabal of Arbor Day anarchists intent on turning Hollywood Boulevard into a forest preserve.

Bill Brown's debut novel vividly evokes the geography of underground L.A. Beyond the Hollywood sign is a hidden world of radical bike riders, straight-edge punk gigs, guerrilla gardeners, colleges which teach Botanical Politics and desert towns where the Blessed Virgin Mary still puts in an appearance. Saugus to the Sea includes twelve original black and white illustrations by Brad Yung. Read an excerpt.


Bill Brown is a writer, filmmaker and musician. He teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Favorite pastimes include riding on Greyhound buses, drinking coffee at Las Vegas coffee shops that haven't changed since the sixties and hopping on very slow-moving freight trains. He records his misadventures in Dream Whip, a travel zine he's published since 1992. Bill hails from Lubbock Texas, the town where Buddy Holly and rock Ďní roll were born and where you still can't buy a beer inside city limits.

Brad Yung is a genuine slacker hero, if thatís not a contradiction of terms. He publishes his weekly comic strip, Stay As You Are, in Vancouver where he is the Godfather of the comics scene. He spent more time working on the illustrations for Saugus to the Sea than actually talking to Bill. Bradís legions of fans will be captivated by the stark beauty of his new work. More of Bradís work is online at

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