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Available August 2003

Handmade. Hardcover. No two alike.

When Riff Randell told the Ramones that she was their ‘number one fan,’ it was her love of the punk band that defined her. She was a smart and confident teen inspired by the Ramones to create her own portfolio of pop songs. In Number One Fan, writers share their thoughts and experiences about being fans in a world obsessed with pop culture. They explore how our love for music, movies, sports, TV and books can give us stronger identities than any job of skill and how fans are inspired to take culture into their own hands by creating communities and new art.

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The celebrities of L.A. make Frayn Masters a better person.
Margaret C. Sullivan
is frustrated by a Darcycentric world.
Kevin Sampsell
imagines the bizarre inner world of Michael Jackson.
Cecilia Tan
celebrates female baseball fans.
Cathleen Conway
falls in and out of love with the band Blur.
Erin Stanley
sews James Spader.
Emily Almond
looks for lesbians in popular culture.
Jim Munroe
tries to convert a cool guy to Eminem.
Joy Helton
celebrates the transformative power of Buffy.
Cassandra Claire
decodes the appeal of Harry Potter.
Brian Joseph Davis
meets a zen master in Hollywood.
Superheroes consume Jenny Fry.
Rachel Rivera
wonders if being a fan makes us who we are.
Optic Nerve helps
Pollyanna Rhee like pepole more.
Beth Wiegmann stirs up an Elvish treat.
Cliff Raymond defends the fanboy.
And Doretta Lau ponders hockey and being Canadian.

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